Today Steven and I headed to our favorite coffee shop, Hipster Coffee. Chris, the Korean owner, called out to us when we walked in, saying hello and asking about our day as he worked on a new menu board. After we ordered, we hunkered down at our favorite table. (Actually, my favorite table is out on the deck, but it’s too chilly today for that).

Shortly after we got our drinks, the woman (who owns? manages? the place (I feel really terribly, but I can’t remember her name. I asked before but I forgot. I’m a bad person)) came over and said, “Kimberly! Try this cheese salad – it’s on our new menu. It’s on the house!” Do you know what she gave me? One of my favorite meals: a fresh green salad with toasted almonds, craisins, tomatoes, and HEAPS of ricotta cheese, with a side of a fresh, warm rye baguette and balsamic vinaigrette. It was a huge salad, and it was delicious. And best of all, it was on the house!

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Don’t mind me – I didn’t feel like putting makeup on today, and it kind of shows. You can see Chris and __ (goal: figure out her name) in the background, working on the new menu board.

If there was one place I wish that I could carry back to Iowa with me, it’s Hipster. FAVORITE. COFFEE SHOP. IN. THE. WORLD.


Hipster Coffee is found in Yeonji-dong (between Seomyeon and Children’s Grand Park).

The Google Map is here: 

Here are a couple of maps to get your bearings straight:

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