2013-04-28 15.06.24

My last selfie while I’m getting Magic Straight.


Magic Straight. It’s been a crazy three years. I started as soon as I got my first pay check, and while I loved the straight results, it was cheap, and it damaged my hair BADLY. I was stupid and went back about four months later for another dose, and my hair was officially fried. It took me six months to try again, and that’s when I knew my hair needed a break.

I didn’t go back for another eight months, long after the curl had started to grow back – I only went because the humidity was making my hair fro out. I knew something had to be different. I had to spend more than the regular fifty bucks. I went to a nice salon I knew about in Nampo-dong and showed them my hair. They said they could do Magic Straight plus a clinic on my hair to repair it and make it soft and healthy again… but it was going to cost me. Whatever, I said, fix my hair.

And they did. And it was wonderful.

I haven’t gone back for about a year. It lasted a long time, and my hair was great. My hair started to get curly again about six months ago, and I tried to go back, but my stylist told me that I should let my hair go a bit longer – it needed more time to rest, to be healthy, etc. Which was fine – it was winter, and without humidity, my hair was more maneageable. But as the spring has blossomed, so has my hair, and all the heat-tools – regardless of whatever preventative products I’ve used to try to protect my hair – had my hair fried out pretty bad. I finally went back. I couldn’t put it off. I got up early on Saturday and went back to Hwamiju.

And I spent five hours in a chair while three girls carefully straightened my hair and then added softness and health back to my dead, damaged head. I know to most people this would seem frivolous – it IS frivolous to get so much work done to my poor hair. But I love magic straight – it means I don’t have to straighten my hair every day (it usually takes 10-30 minutes depending on humidity), which ends up killing my hair. Now I’m free to jump out of the shower and know my hair will look great without more than a simple comb. So that’s what I waste my money on. Not video games, not beer, just my hair to be healthy and easy. So this is a letter to myself, letting myself off the hook for spending a ton of money on my hair again for the first time in a year. It’s okay, Kim. Your hair deserved it. And besides – it’s the last time. I swear.

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