I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and frustrated as of late. Lots of sad, bad news from my home country (both unrelated to my personal life and very related). Learning to come to terms with the Great Unknown and my limited control. Coping with the loss of my life here in Korea as it quickly approaches its end. Missing friends and family, and knowing it will just be a little bit longer until I’m back where I started.

I decided it was time to unplug. I’ve been avoiding Facebook, only checking in to make sure I’m not missing out on messages for meet ups or from my mom as she packs to come visit us next week. Other than that, I’m not reading people’s depressing articles, not reading people’s stupid opinions, and more or less letting myself live in the here and now, not the there and immediately. I’m reading, studying Korean, and trying to meditate and enjoy these last 60 days as an expat. And, something I haven’t done in a long time (and is much overdue): dwelling on happy thoughts.

  • warm, spring air
  • green leafy trees and exposions of colorful flowers
  • mountains finally clothed and covered in life again
  • Tour de Seomyeon (we’ve found so many delicious and adorable new restaurants in Seomyeon: Johnson’s Diner, Macaron, RoCat, The Paniere, Culture in Posh Nosh, The Black Pepper, 바니니 식당, and more)
  • Mom and Jack coming next week (which will lead to many of the my check-listed “one last time” items)
  • my student loans are this close to being all paid off
  • knowing that, even if it takes us forever and a day to find new jobs, we have very hospitable and generous friends and family who will put us up until we figure things out
  • knowing I will be breathing in cool mountain air in America in just two months
  • seeing the following people makes me giddy as all get out: Kayse and Sasha (and Molly), my mom, grandparents, and brother, my in-laws, my steps, the Engelki, the Woollets + poser model baby “Lily” (I always forget if it’s one l or 2… just like in Woo”ll”et), Amy & Jake, Elizabeth & Gus, Sarah, Kenz, the IRIS staff, my long lost soul mate Ashley, and all my other Iowa/former Korea 친구들 like Chelsea and Ian + Melodi, Kat, and Kelly
  • We want to throw a murder mystery party for our above mentioned friends who will be in central Iowa this summer. Get yer theme pants excited.
  • bike riding in Ames
  • magic straight – check
  • knowing that, six months from now, all the anxieties I have today will most likely be long forgotten
  • not to mention all the things I don’t even have to consider being thankful for (due to my PRIVILEGE): health, financial stability, networks of friends and colleagues, an education, etc.