Methods of Mankind by Steven Athay

Type: fiction

Page Count: 341

Received by: Steven

Started reading: I read the first half in 2011 or early 2012, then had to wait for about a year to get the second half, which I started and had to finish on the same day

Finished reading: 6 May 2013

Interest level: 9 – I want to say 10, but wouldn’t that seem biased? Also, I have to reserve 10s for books like American Wife, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and Into Thin Air – sorry burbs, maybe your next novel will hit the bullseye. As for Methods of Mankind, I’ll say that I loved it and only had a few issues with (namely, the last 10 pages), but since it’s a manuscript and first draft, pretty damn good.

Recommendation level: 9 – Usually my recommendation matches my interest level. No, let’s say 10, because I hope it’s published and everyone buys a copy and Steven and I can afford to do something with our lives. Also, everyone should see how good Steven is at writing.

TTBR Synopsis: An art prodigy, a meth head, and a sexist, racist, homophobic farmer’s lives collide in 1990s Iowa. I smiled, I worried, I laughed, I empathized.